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Chris Board

Jan 1, 20153 min read


Here at Boardies IT Solutions, we have lots of things going on in the background to try and provide you a better service, and one way to do this is to keep in touch with our followers and our users of our software and services.

From this blog, you will be able find out the latest news and information from Boardies IT Solutions, with some sneaky peaks as to what we're currently working on.

Who is Boardies IT Solutions?

Now, you may have accidently come accross our blog and you've read this much, so thanks, but now you might be wondering, why on earth would I be interested in what we are doing?

We develop software for multiple platforms such as Android, Windows, Linux and web services. Most of software is completely free to use, but there are paid versions as well to be able to unlock the extra features.

Boardies IT Solutions is just myself, I also have a full time job so any of the work I do is all during my spare time, so progress can be slightly slow as I have to split my time between development, server management and administration.

What's Next

Along with the release of our new blog, we have also today launched a brand new website. Hopefully you'll find it a bit cleaner and easier to find any information you want.

Along with the new website we also working on some new exciting software and services for you to be able to use.

First off, is for other developers who develop for Windows, Android and PHP. This is a web service to detect and monitor crashes and errors that have happened in your own software to help you fix them as quickly as possible and provide the best possible service and experience for your customers. For this new service there will be a website and an Android companion app to help you find crashes quickly and easily.

Another thing we're working on, is probably focuses more towards developers again. This app will allow you to create/edit and view SQLite databases in a simple and clean interface to help you with the development of your software and apps.

One more thing, this is more focused between server administrators is a server administraion program that will allow you to download certain logs, such as the Apache Web Server log and system logs. It will also have the ability to perform scheduled MySQL backups and restores.

If you have any comments or suggestions on what you would like us to do, if you have any ideas for functionality you would like to see on our current projects mentioned above, then please feel free to either contact us at [email protected] or via our Google+ (http://plus.google.com/+BoardiesITSolutions) or via Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/BoardITSolution).

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