Open Sourcing of PHP API and SSH Tunnel Plugin for Boardies MySQL Manager for Android

Chris Board

Jul 1, 20173 min read


We are pleased to announce the open sourcing of our PHP API and SSH Tunnel Plugin for Boardies MySQL Manager for Android.

This has been a long time coming but we finally did it and we can't wait to see what happens next.

Why Now?

This is something we've thought about for a while, it made sense to us to do open source it, one from a security point of view, that you can see our code and check that we are not stealing your data such as login credentials, or even data from your database. But not only that, we want to hear your thoughts on the API and Tunnel Plugin and see what improvements and what functionality you would like to add to the APIs.

I was also a little scared to open source it and have my code out in the wild judging my code ability and potentially get feedback that I should give up the day job. I'm sure that won't happen, but we want to hear your feedback, as long as its constructive criticism that we can then use to make improvements, obviously "trolls" that might just say "this is rubbish" doesn't help, even if it might be true, tell us why it is rubbish so we can fix it.

To be completely honest, I decided to get the guts to open source the projects from another project that I had been following and was doing well but was closed source. They later on decided to open source the code and it went really well, they originally put it off I believe for the same sort of reasoning that I had.

Where do I get the source?

You can get the source from the Boardies IT Solutions GitHub page here.

Final Thoughts

We are really excited to see what feedback we get and what improvements, features, advice the community provide. Also, the SSH Tunnel Plugin is our first C++ application, so if you have any advice, improvements etc on this we would love to hear them.

If you find any issues, then please raise them either via the GitHub issue tracker or using our own support portal. You can also raise support tickets to get help, either with using the API, the Android itself and the installation of the APIs. You can also find a knowledge base and FAQ on our support portal.

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