New Website, New Service Status & New Branding

Chris Board

Apr 2, 20203 min read

If you've checked out our Facebook, Twitter or our website you may have noticied things are a little different. We've completely redesigned our website and branding and taken the time to learn something new by rebuilding from scratch our Service Status website.

Why have we changed our branding

A couple of reasons, its always good to have a redesign every now and then, but one of the main reasons was when we tried to launch our crash monitoring service, CritiMon, it maintained the branding of Boardies IT Solutions, which was red. We then got feedback that the red made it look spammy or dangerous, wasn't what we'd previously, but that wasn't the look we were going for in any way, so, after CritiMon didn't succeed, and taking on feedback, we decided to close CritiMon down and go back to the drawing board, not just for CritiMon, but for the Boardies IT Solutions website.

So, we've got rid of all of the red, and made it a dark blue instead, making it a lot more spacious and cleaner looking - at least we hope you agree.

Rebuilding our Status Pages

While going through the redesign of the main site and rebranding, we also took this time to learn something new. We've been wanting to look into using ReactJS so we took this time to investigate. We really like it, alot, and decided to have a go rebuilding our status manager pages with it, and found development so much easier and simpler to do (at least after learning it, initially it took a bit of time) and we will most likely continue to use ReactJS for our future projects.

Boardies IT Solutions Status Pages

What's Next

Above, we mentioned about our crash monitoring service and that we closed it down. However, we're not done with it. We're going to go back to the drawing board and redesign, rename and rebrand (using the branding design from Boardies IT Solutions of course). Last time we did it, we built it initially for ourselves, and then at the end, on a bit of a whim we thought, lets try and sell it and didn't work out. This time, we're changing that, we plan on creating a development blog showing the entire process of the project and ideally get input from our users, as, of course, we're building it for our users.

Let us know what you want to see, not only for the project itself (we'll do another post once we start and we have something on the website) but want you want to know and find out from our development blogs, or if there's another media you want us to use to show you the progress of the development, then let us know and we'll see what we can do.

As always, feel free to get in touch, either on our Facebook, Twitter and our contact us pages.

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