New CritiMon Version Coming Soon

Chris Board

Sep 1, 20194 min read

Over the past few weeks we've been hard at work making some changes based on feedback we've had for CritiMon - our new crash and error reporting service. This blog post will be a little sneak peak into what's to come within the next couple of weeks. As usual, if you have any feedback then please let us know, either by leaving a comment below or emailing us at [email protected].

New Landing Page

First of all, there is a new landing page. The landing page changes can be seen throughout the changes within the platform itself.

New CritiMon Landing Page

The new landing page isn't fully finalised yet as the image on the right will be different (you'll see why soon).

We're hoping the landing page will highlight the features and show more simply how to get started with the platform. We're adding things like a "Getting Started" page to show the 3 simple steps needs to start receiving crash data, an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and a page for each supported language so it can be easier to see what languages and platforms are supported.

Next up is the changes to the web site once you've logged in to the service. Most of the pages are more a less the same, except for the menu bar at the top. The menu that you see on the landing page is in the same style throughout, removing the red menu bar that was their originally (we plan on updating our main site ( to match this colour scheme in the not too distant future.

Other than that, the other changes mostly are around the crash management pages.

Updates to the Crash Management Pages

There's various changes here from additional information to provide with better insights in to how your applications and services are performing as well as design and layout.

Crash Group Changes

The crash management pages are now designed to be full width instead of being centered on the screen. We've also removed the dark grey background against the charts and the crash details table. These couple of changes make the crash details page more clear and easier to read and makes the page overall less bunched up.

We've also changed the time range selection so instead of being on each chart, its now global so both the charts for for active user analysis and crash counts update together.

You'll also likely notice that above the daily active user chart at the top, there is some stats regarding the app. When you are viewing all of the crash details, you see things like Affected Users, i.e. the number of users that have been affected by 1 or more crashes/errors. Along with the percentage improvement/decline in affected users compared to the previous week. You'll get the percentage free affected users and again see a percentage increase/decline compared to the previous week.

Next along is the total number of users who have used your app or service within the last week and then the percentage of unresolved crashes for the current app.

When you view the crash group details, you'll also see similar stats but those stats will be specific to the crash group that you are viewing.

New Supported Languages & Platforms

We're adding two new official libraries for Python and Ruby so if you develop in either of these languages, you'll be able to start receiving crash and error reporting for your Python and Ruby applications. This now means the full list of languages and platforms we support is now the following:

  • Android (Java & Kotlin)
  • C# (.Net Framework & .Net Core)
  • C++
  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • Python
  • Ruby

That mostly covers all of the popular languages that are used today (at least as far as I'm aware of), if you don't agree let us know and we can see if we can add new official library in a future release. Of course, there is still the simple API to allow you to make your own community edition of crash monitoring for your own language and/or platform.

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