New and Improved Boardies Password for Android

Chris Board

Jul 1, 20152 min read


Boardies Password Manager for Android was released to the play store a few years ago, it was Boardies IT Solutions first Android app released, and although it has had several updates over the years, it has been unfortunately been left for quite some time.

That being said, we have had some very positive feedback and it currently has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5.

However, we admit, that unfortunately we have left this app fall behind in updates recently and still using the older Android Version API and themes such as Holo. Well, we want to re-invtent this app and bring into the latest Android style and functionality.

What are our plans?

Our plan, is to completely redesign this app from the very beginning, throw everything away and start again, from the design to the implementation.

We want to ensure that it is the latest Android APIs that are available and the latest design guidelines such as Matierial Design.

It will support device synchronisation as it currently does, however, we intend to improve how this works, both in functionality and for the device, e.g. battery and network usage.

I want to help, can I?

Short answer, yes. How you, our users, think about apps and what you want our apps to achieve, is important to us, after all our app can't be a success without you.

Therefore we want you to let us know what you like about our current app, what you think should be improved, and what features you would like to see.

To get in touch with us about your ideas, comments or suggestions then either leave a comment here, or contact us on our Google+ page at

We will keep you up to date on the new version during its development process and will inform you via our twitter account @BoardITSolution and our Google Plus page.

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