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Chris Board

Jan 2, 20223 min read
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I’ve been hard at work fixing bugs, making performance improvements, fixing screen layouts and improving the design over the last couple of weeks, but also adding support for a new Pro+ subscription.

Before I get on to plan, lets take a look at the visual changes of Crash Catch - mostly around the dashboard view that you see when you first login, although before we get into the details, you might notice in the screenshots (and if you are looking at this blog post) its now Devso, instead of Boardies IT Solutions. As of January 2022 Boardies IT Solutions rebranded to Devso, and you can find more information on our blog post at Now that’s out of the way, on to the dashboard.

Dashboard Improvements

This is a little embarrassing, but I only just noticed that the dashboard layout, especially on smaller laptop devices didn’t fit properly as shown in the screenshot below:

Original Crash Catch Dashboard on Smaller Screen

There were a couple of things wrong with this page. First of all, the time period options and the screen title in the header was pushed in to the main content, secondly, the scrolling was a little quirky as the whole page scrolled, but the then the project table and the recent activity scrolled separately which made the scrolling a little awkward.

This has been fixed so only the whole page scrolls so you haven’t got numerous scrolling areas which can get a bit confusing, and the layout has been improved to better support devices big and small, as shown in the screenshot below:

New Crash Catch Dashboard

Performance Improvements

I also identified there were a couple of issues with things getting loaded when there was a large amount of data, so I’ve done some performance improvements with within the website itself, but also within the backend database so hopefully will notice improvements in this area, or when things are a taking a little bit of time, it nows shows that its loading so you’re not left wondering if something is happening or not.

Pro+ Plan

On to the biggest news, the new subscription plan, Pro+, giving 4 different options to best suite your needs, Solo, Startup, Pro and Pro+. Pro+ is mostly the same functionality but brings with it data increases, such as the amount of crashes you are allowed to report and the data retention period.

You can now submit 1 million requests crash reports under your account per a month and have 12 months worth of data retention.

You can upgrade and downgrade at any time, and the Pro+ plan is available for £25 a month, but if you sign up now (or if you already signed up) you can still get the 50% off discount while Crash Catch is still in its beta release so this offer is for a limited time.

If you want to sign up or if you want more information then please visit or feel free to get in touch with me in the comments or on twitter at or

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