Imported Issues Migrated to the Relevant Area Of New Support Portal

Chris Board

Jun 1, 20171 min read

A few weeks ago, we released our new support portal. We mentioned that we imported the bugs from our existing bug tracking service into our new support portals issue tracker.

We have just released a new version to allow us to do this, you will now find that any issues that were better suited as a support ticket or a feature request they have now been moved.

Assuming you provided us with an valid email address when the original bug was created, you would have received a notification about it being moved, any new answers/comments that we added and the status update.

If you have any questions then please let us know, and don't forget, if you notice any issues, either with the portal, or with the any of our apps or services then please report them to us via our issue tracking, or if you have any feature requests or need some help, then please also provide them via the support portal.

You can check out the support portal by visiting

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