*IMPORTANT* End of Support for Boardies Password Manager for Android

Chris Board

Jul 1, 20163 min read

It is with sad news that we are officially ending support of Boardies Password Manager for Android.

We originally released the app this app in 2011 and kept it updated for many years, and we had positive feedback for our users and had a fairly good rating on the Play Store.

As you are probably aware, Boardies IT Solutions is just 1 person and unfortunately we haven't had the time to provide any more updates, and therefore it looks aged, it using many of the older Android APIs and would be a huge amount of work for us to upgrade it to support the newer Android APIs and Material Design. Don't fret though, although this app is being end of lifed, we are planning at some point in the future to develop a new and improved version of the app, completely built from scratch, so if you have ideas of what you would like to see, please get in touch with us, we'd love to hear your ideas and opinions.

Due to the age of the app, it is using some older third party APIs such as Google Drive and Dropbox. The API that Dropbox is on is being deprecated on the 28th September and officially turned off on the 28th June 2017 and the Google Drive function of the app I believe has also stopped working at this time, likely due to remove APIs that the app is still trying to use.

Therefore, on 28th September 2016 will be unpublishing Boardies Password Manager so it will not be downloadable through the Play Store. If you have bought the app since January 1st 2016 then please email [email protected] with the subject line Boardies Password Manager Refund with your order number along with your name and we will submit a refund. Please note that Boardies Password Manager for Pro has already been unpublished and further purchases cannot be made.

Although you won't be able to download the app through the play store, the app will continue to run, although Dropbox and Google Drive may eventually stop working.

We haven't taken this decision lightly and we hope you continue to support our future projects but we believe keeping the app in the play store in its current state could affect the reputation of Boardies Password Manager especially if APIs stop working unexpectedly.

We want to thank everyone who has supported the app over the years and helped with providing ideas and bug reports so we can make the app as best it can be. We hope you will continue to use our current products and future products that will be hoping to release in the not too distant future.

If you have any questions or concerns then please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

Chris Board
Software Developer
Boardies IT Solutions

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