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Chris Board

May 2, 20222 min read
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Recently working on one of my projects, I hit a bug that I was fairly sure that I’d previously fixed. I went to the repository in GitHub with the intention to search for certain keywords that I would have used in my commit messages for the project.

To my surprise, I found that you can’t actually search for your GitHub commit messages. Assuming I was missing something I did what everyone else usually does, turn to Google and found a stackoverflow post indicating that its not possible via GitHub but can do it something similar via a command line search. Not the most ideal solution and there was a comment stating why was it removed which was up voted 162 times. So I thought maybe I’m onto something.

This is where this proejct “GitLog” comes in.

The idea is you sign in using your GitHub login, and set up a web hook on your repository to GitLog and each time you push to GitHub, GitLog will receive it along with all of the commits that we can then store under your account. This therefore making it super easy to search for your commit messages.

This project is currently in a very early preview as just want to see initially if there is any demand for this type of service.

At the moment its free to use but there is a limitation of 25 pushes per an account on GitLog.

If there is demand for this service it will likely be a paid subscription as obviously, has the potential to require a lot of storage space which I need to pay for ?.

If you have any feedback, and if this is something you see yourself wanting to use then let me know any other features or things you’d expect. I have a few ideas on how to extend it already, but more info never hurt.

I plan to do an blog post detailing how the project went and the stack I used later on. But for now, you can sign up at

Any feedback or issues then please email me at [email protected] or raise a support ticket on my support portal at

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