New CritiMon Release & Competition

Chris Board

Aug 1, 20194 min read

We launched a brand new version of CritiMon with new features and additional SDK/libraries to be included in your projects to receive crash and error reports and we have still have 50% off any paid plans but we also have a competition where you can either get a plan for free for 3 months or a another plan for a further 50% for 3 months.

What's New?

We have launched a new version of CritiMon, part of this new release comes with a new domain. We decided that was a tad long to remember and made more sense to have its own domain, so you can now access CritiMon at

We've added new libraries and SDKs so the full list available for your projects is the following:

  • Java (Android/Kotlin)
  • C# (.Net Framework & .Net Core)
  • C++
  • Javascript
  • PHP

Plus there is of course still the ability to use the simple CritiMon API to create your own SDKs/libraries for non officially supported platforms and languages. Be sure to let us know and we'll link them on our website.

From the beginning of CritiMon you receive instant crash notifications via email. With the new release, we've added the ability to receive notifications via SMS. In order to do this you need to have 1 of the two paid plans where you will then be able to enable SMS notification and enter your mobile number (your mobile number will only ever be used for crash notifications, nothing else) and once your mobile has been verified you'll be notified of new crashes.

You can choose what crashes are sent to you via SMS so you don't get bombarded with SMS messages every day, for example, you can choose to only receive crash notifications by text for unhandled and/or critical severity errors.

The above were the main, noticable differences, but we've also been hard at work improving the website, such as bugs and performance etc.

What's Next?

We want to get feedback from our users, as we obviously want to focus on what our users want to see in future releases. You can let us know via our support portal, Facebook or you can email me directly.

We also have an Android app in the works so you can manage and see crashes while your on the move. We're currently making it so you can do pretty much what you can do on the CritiMon website, with the addition of push notifications for crashes so there is another alternative to receiving crash and error notifications. So again, if you want to see anything specific from the Android app, then please let us know.

Competition Time

Above we mentioned there's a competition to get your hands on a paid plan for free or at a further reduced cost for 3 months.

There are currently 3 plans, free, small and pro. The small plan and pro plan are currently 50% off.

The competition is for a small plan for free for the first 3 months, and for the pro plan receive a further 50% off (£4.99) a month for the first 3 months

So how do you enter. Couldn't be simpler, signup to a paid plan and you'll get a 14 day trial. Once signed up, DM us on Twitter or Instant Message on Facebook with your account email address. We will then update your account accordingly and reply back to your DM/Instant Message within a day or 2. This is limited, this offer is only available to the first 10 people on Faceobok and the first 10 people on Twitter (so the first 20 people in total).

Have any questions, comments or suggestions, then please let us know.

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