Boardies MySQL Update

Chris Board

Jan 1, 20163 min read


We have released a new version of Boardies MySQL Manager for Android and a new version of the PHP API.

App Update

After the past couple of months we have done some major code refactoring to the app. We have since issues and had reports of various quirky bugs where sometimes, if an SQL command failed or the API had an error, the app wouldn't show the error, and you, the user was left wondering, is it doing something in the background, has it failed, did not try and do anything. This is obviously no good, and therefore, we have been hard at work re-writing the error management of the app so, now, no matter what happens, whether the SQL query fails, the API has a problem, or the server itself has a problem, you should always find out.

Not only that but should we fail to connect to the database server, instead of just giving the MySQL error, we instead tell you what the problem is, and how you can fix it.

We have also reworked how the responses from the API and get processed and then shown to you, so you should notice there is a performance improvement.

PHP API Update

If you are using the default Boardies IT Solutions API then you do not need to worry. If however you have installed the API on your own web server then you will need to update the API, no update the tunnel application is required though. You can find the latest version by going to There are no major changes in this update, it is just a slightly different output to allow the app to correctly process the errors. Don't worry though, if you haven't updated the app, it doesn't matter the API will return the response in the original output if the version is below

What if I am having a problem?

We strive to ensure there are no problems as much as possible, but, unfortunately with software development this isn't always possible and bugs will be found.

Therefore, we ask, if you experience a problem, please do not just rate the app 1 star and/or leave a bad comment. Please report the bug to our bug reporting service at If we're not told about bugs they're not going to get fixed and it gives us and the app a bad reputation.

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