Boardies IT Solutions Becoming Devso in 2022

Chris Board

Dec 09, 20213 min read

I've had Boardies IT Solutions ( since the beginning of 2010. I got this when I was at University and used it to host multiple projects and news about future projects and this is going to continue, however the name Boardies IT Solutions will be no more, instead I am introducing the name Devso.

Devso New Logo

So why the name change? While I was at university, Boardies IT Solutions was more of a portfolio site for finding a job and showcasing what I've worked on, although this is still going to be primarily the case (not the job hunting side so much), but I am trying to actually sell services and push the name more openly than I was previously - hence you may have noticed the blogs have been more frequent as well as the Twitter account and doing the whole build in public which seems to have become more popular and being open about what I'm working on, what issues I've had along the way and what's gone well, but recently while doing this I've found Boardies IT Solutions to not be the right name for a number of reasons.

First of all, Boardies IT Solutions is a bit of a mouthful, most company and/or product name are rather short snappy names, and it was so long that Twitter handles and Facebook pages didn't fit, that's why the their both call "Board IT Solution" instead of "Boardies IT Solutions". Also, being called IT Solutions made it sound like I was providing IT systems such as computers and network solutions which isn't the case.

I haven't got an exact date but Boardies IT Solutions will slowly be phased out over the course of the next few months while I rework the website. Initially, will likely just redirect to the new domain until I get that reworked, along with a new and hopefully improved version of our support portal. Speaking of which, if there's anything you don't like or would like to see on our support portal, then please let me know and I'll see if I can implement it.

Facebook and Twitter pages will hopefully be switched soon, just in case someone tries to take the account after seeing this and everything else will transition into the new year depending on how long it takes me to rework them.

So in case there's any concerns, what I do isn't going to change, my focus is still to continue developing mobile apps, web apps, APIs and software to help my users and fellow developers. Crash Catch is currently still my focus though but I do have some other projects in the pipeline to hopefully start in the not too distant future (can't keep all your eggs in one basket after all ? ).

I am always looking for the next project id and trying to keep on top of the latest technologies where appropriate (easier said than done though) and I can't wait to see what the future holds for Devso and I hope you are just as excited to see what's next.



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