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Chris Board

Aug 2, 20203 min read
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Its unfortunately been a while since I've been able to provide an update on the development of Crash Catch, but finally I can provide a bit of an update.

So where have I been? Unfortunately my full time job was a tad on the hectic side the past couple of months so haven't been able to do huge development periods of Crash Catch, at least not long enough or interesting enough to warrant live streaming. However there has been some development and finally I can provide an update.

The biggest job - which I didn't stream as likely would be a tad boring to stream, was converting my ReactJS components. I unfortunately learnt creating class components, but then realised that this isn't really the recommended way as you can't use the new hooks that recently new to ReactJS and functional components should be what's used the majority of the time. So, I therefore spent a fair amount of time converting all of the components that I created, from class components to functional components.

Once that was done I could then go back to the actual development. So, when you click on a project you see a summary of everything of the project showing you charts for the active users and the number of crashes/errors that have been raised for the project and both charts showing when a new project release was detected. The only thing not implemented on this page, is it currently doesn't show any recent project activity - as this currently isn't being stored.

Project Summary

You can then select a crash item such as NullPointerException that's shown in the screenshot above. That lets you then see the individual crash details, including that the crash group summary, and then tabs for the individual incidents, and the comments for the crash group as shown in the screenshots below

Crash Group Details

So, I've finally made some progress although nowhere as much as I would have liked. I've started testing with some my own apps where I've installed the backend and the React Website on to a server and pointing a couple of my Android apps to it so I can see that things are working as expected.

I'm hoping to in the not too distant future finalise a bit more of the backend so it can send email notifications on new crashes and then I'll be able to get any Android developers who might want to test it privately access, at which point I'll start tying in other platforms, such as javascript, C++ etc.

There are a few little things I need to finalise on the Android crash details to get this complete, then hopefully I can re-use for the other support platforms, such as resolving crashes/error as that would be kinda important to be able to do ?.

Let me know your thoughts, things you like, things you don't, things you'd like to see and if you want to be part of the private beta testing such as for Android, or if you are interested in other platforms we're supporting from the start then let us know and I can keep you on a list for when your preferred platform is available.

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